Refugee Integration Education Review

Given the recent intensity in dialogue around refugee return to Myanmar, a review and examination of return dynamics and education issues and concerns that refugee children will experience significant challenges in their pursuit of education upon return.

This Refugee Integration Education Review was designed to assess the dynamics of the future return of refugees within the context of education in order to broadly identify the educational interests and hopes of refugee families upon return to Myanmar, uncover potential, and existing challenges for children aiming to access various forms of education, and begin to explore the current situation in areas of return, including existing gaps and opportunities.

Findings from this review study have been used to develop recommendations for service provision, policy engagement and planning, information management, coordination, state/regional-level engagement, and student and teacher recognition. In doing so, this report aims to offer pathways toward solutions to ensure the continued provision of quality, recognized education for refugee children and youth returning to Myanmar.

To aid accessibility and momentum, and in particular for audiences familiar with refugee education, the recommendations are put forward at the outset. World Education, 2017.

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