Recognition of Learning

Recognition of learning iconDisplaced persons from Myanmar (Burma) face many barriers to accessing the formal school system in both Thailand and Myanmar. In Thailand, government schools are difficult to access because youth lack language skills and funds. In Myanmar, years of conflict have isolated populations who then chose an alternate route to educate their children. In both places, youth who do attend school have little opportunity for education, and so learning centers have been established to provide further education and training. Because these centers are outside of the traditional system, World Education Thailand has worked to provide these youth with accreditation for their education. The following programs provide recognition of learning:

  • Non-formal education recognized by the Thai Government
  • School Within a School, recognizing education within migrant learning centers
  • Acceptance of displaced students within Thai schools
  • Nonformal primary education recognized by Myanmar
  • EIP, Master Trainers, MNEC Post-Ten, TPC, and WH earn certification from a United States institution

WH Graduation Circle1

Local Implementing Partners
Karen Refugee Committee – Education Entity
Karen Teachers Working Group / Eastern Burma Community Schools
Migrant Education Coordination Center
Mon National Education Committee