Organizational Development

Organizational Development IconWorld Education Thailand prioritizes implementing sustainable programs. To do so, World Education works with local partners to deliver programming, while ensuring that partners receive the resources and training needed to improve their management and technical capacities. Currently, World Education Thailand works with nine local organizations and conducts capacity development for each according to a tiered and tailored approach. World Education’s approach may include support for the following areas:

  • Infrastructural: Support is provided to improve conditions for capacity development and to enable basic service delivery capability.
  • Performance Quality: Implementation support is provided to strengthen individual, technical and organizational capacity for increased quality in service delivery performance.
  • Collaboration: Support is provided to strengthen capacity for institutional cooperation and to address constraints to organizational performance.
  • Agility: Support is provided to increase organizational capacity to respond to contextual, systemic and environmental change.

World Education also supports programs that it currently directly implements to eventually find local partners and sustainable, long-term funding.

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Local Partners
Burmese Migrant Workers Education CommitteeFive people at capacity development meeting
Karen Education Department
Karen Refugee Committee – Education Entity
Karen Teachers Working Group / Eastern Burma Community Schools
Kayan New Generation Youth
Migrant Education Coordination Center
Mon National Education Committee
Shan State Development Fund
Youth Connect