Past Projects

Quality Cross-Border Education Support in Thailand (QUEST)

Conflict in Myanmar (Burma) over the past three decades has resulted in a mass movement of populations into Thailand. Nearly 130,000 refugees live in nine camps along the Thailand-Myanmar border, with children making up half the camp population. While the

Improving Mechanisms for Partnership and Action for Children in Thailand (IMPACT)

Migrant children from Myanmar (Burma) living in Thailand are particularly vulnerable to abuse, exploitation, and neglect. The IMPACT project addressed these vulnerabilities through a comprehensive child protection system that equally emphasized both prevention of and response to child abuse, exploitation

Support for Health, Institution Building, Education and Leadership in Policy Dialogue (SHIELD)

Approximately 130,000 refugees from Myanmar (Burma) live in refugee camps along the Thailand-Myanmar border, and well over 400,000 live unofficially in Thai communities along the border. Some of the refugees have lived along the border for a decade or more,

Creating Opportunities for Psychosocial Enhancement (COPE)

The political instability, unrest, violence, and socio-economic problems in Myanmar (Burma) have driven tens of thousands of people away from their country. Burmese, Karen, and other ethnic minorities have been fleeing their homes for refugee camps since the early 1980’s.