Get Involved

Two people review paper in officeWorld Education Thailand occasionally works with interested individuals to place them in volunteer opportunities in the Mae Sot area, near the Thailand-Myanmar (Burma) border. Volunteering can be an excellent way to support migrant and refugee educators and to make a difference in these communities.

The most beneficial volunteer placements last from six months to one year. However, sometimes volunteers with specific skills, whose involvement can be beneficial to the program, can arrange for shorter placements.  Please note that World Education Thailand is unable to provide stipends or to cover travel costs for volunteers.

Interested volunteers should contact us for more information. Please note that World Education Thailand cannot guarantee a placement for all volunteer applicants.


English Language Teaching
Volunteers can work with children and teachers in migrant schools to improve their English language skills.  This is the most common type of placement for volunteers working with World Education Thailand. Volunteers are generally referred to the partner organization coordinating migrant schools.

Special Education Training
Volunteers with experience in Special Education may be needed to train special education trainers and/or teachers and World Education staff on new skills or tools that can be used with special needs students.

Those with a background in fundraising would assist with putting together campaigns for local partners as well as facilitating skills development for staff and long-term planning.

IT and Media Development for Local Partners
Volunteers with experience in IT support and/or media development are needed to help build systems and resources for partner organizations. Those interested in leveraging their IT experience would strengthen and develop small-scale IT solutions. Media development would encompass the production of videos, photos, infographics, and other resources that can be used to build the catchet of local partners.

Website Design for Local Partners
Contribute to the success of local partners by developing or re-designing websites to more effectively communicate their mission and results.